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"Everybody who is 'pro free speech' is not pro ALL speech. What they're pro is the speech that THEY wish to use that might hurt or offend other people." -- Trevor Noah

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Hello Fediverse,

I’m a 50+ year old junior developer. Junior because I just recently switched to work as a programmer. While during the eighties I had a lot of fun with the popular home computers and during the 2000s I made a living out of operating a bunch of Linux- and *BSD-Servers for several clients, now I’m a newbie again. In the time between I did a lot of other things, including studying philosophy and being a taxi driver for several years. :)

Topics I’m interested in are free software, privacy, digital self-defense and autonomy, civil rights, ecology, cycling and being in nature and of course about live, social living, public transport, urban gardening, … PLUS just shitposting.

I write about those topics with people on the internet since I discovered my love for computer networks around ‘97 when I stumbled upon Slackware Linux, IRC, mailing lists and the Usenet. As the Usenet slowly faded away and finally died, I tried to use a lot of other platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Mastodon, Twitter again.

I think Friendica might be the one I was looking for. Federated infrastructure, you’re able to host your own instance, you can write sort of blog posts and are able to discuss topics without being limited to two-hundred-something characters, nice and clean UI and the best: community driven without being spied on for the benefit of the advertisement industry.

I’m going to post mostly in german and sometimes in english too. And sometimes I’ll be going to translate a german article to english later on.

Have a lot of fun!

#introduction #vorstellung

Wasn't "have a lot of fun" the slogan for SuSE Linux back in the old days? And yes, I am showing my age. 😁
Exactly. And as far as I remember it still is (I don't have a recent openSUSE to check).